Atton Conrad O’murchadha is a London based Advertising and art photographer.

London born, Belfast bred and originally set for a career in science, the inherited genes from an artist father & actress mother prevailed. He made for the bright lights of his birth city to persue his love of photography.

Originally he directed his career towards the intensely creative arena of cutting edge art/fashion; successfully shooting for many magazines such as 125, Issue one and Flux.

It was the Futures Light’ story in 125 Magazine where he light painted dresses on to models that the development of his light painting techniques began.

They were further honed on the international Hennessy print Campaign ‘Blended with Talent’ for Louis Vitton Moet Hennessy which triggered his switch to art and advertising, a more fertile arena for the techniques.

it started with light trails, but grew far beyond that, as i developed my methodology and custom designed ‘light brushes’ i realised that the techniques could give me incredibly fine control over light and texture, to an unique almost hyperreal result. This allowed me to take my lighting in a completely fresh direction.”

The process is an intensely visceral one,  almost a dance with light, as he physically paints the subject with light brushes in a blackout studio whilst remote triggering the camera.

These techniques are employed to create images, of both people and objects, with a certain quality separate from those created by traditional means.

“I love technology, I have used photoshop for over a decade, but there is a certain quality I want to create that is unobtainable by the usual route alone”.

Today Light painting is one part of his creative arsenal as he persues multiple conceptual and technical paths in the attempt to create unusual and arresting creative imagery.