Client Onboarding Questionnaire 

Pre-production Questionnaire: Understanding Your Photography and Video Project Requirements.

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What is the product?
You can add details later
Which services do you require for this project? (Choose all that apply)
This will help us understand the scope of work and allocate resources accordingly.
What is the primary objective of your project?
Understanding the purpose of your project will guide our creative direction and ensure that the visual content aligns with your goals and desired outcomes.
Estimated budget for the project?
Knowing your budget helps us propose the most suitable solutions that deliver the best value within your financial parameters.
Who is your target audience for the visuals? (Choose all that apply)
Identifying your target audience allows us to customise the visuals, style, and messaging to resonate with your intended viewers, ensuring maximum impact and engagement.
What primary core message most closely aligns with this project
Clarifying your core message helps us create visuals that effectively communicate your brand values, unique selling points, or key ideas, enabling viewers to connect with your message.
Where do you plan to use and distribute the visuals? (Choose all that apply)
Knowing the intended distribution channels helps us optimise the visuals for specific platforms, ensuring they are well-suited for websites, social media, print materials or outdoor advertising.
How would you like to be involved in the review process?
Understanding your preferred level of involvement helps us establish a collaborative workflow that ensures your feedback and input are incorporated effectively, ensuring a final result that meets your expectations.
How do you plan to measure the success of the project?
Knowing your desired success metrics enables us to align our efforts and deliverables with your goals, ensuring that the project’s impact and effectiveness can be measured and evaluated accurately.
Identifying competitors or industry examples that resonate with you helps us gain insights into your aesthetic preferences, style preferences, and overall vision for the project.